You Don’t Have To Be Supermom To Be A Super Mom

Have you ever wondered how to stay closer to your children as you are running errands, cleaning house, driving to sports, dance classes and play dates? You are not alone.

I have wondered that myself, at times feeling so overwhelmed that I simply unplugged. Our lives today are busy, so busy in fact that sometimes it is difficult to stay focused on our most important responsibility, being the best mommy we can be.

B.A. Bookworm is the place to come for ideas, inspiration and encouragement. Here you will find innovative ways to interact with your child/children in short amounts of time which embraces not only your busy schedule, but also a childs short attention span.

So, move over Supermom, I’m here for the unsung heroes of our time. I’m here for me and I’m here for you, because of all the things we want to be, it’s what we have to be that matters most. We have to find ways to be our best, to be creative, joyous and fun.

By working together, with you leaving comments and exchanging ideas, we can be better, stronger and saner. Helping each other to always keep our super mom status and to never forget just how important that really is.


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