Five Ways To Get Your Child Excited About Reading

Getting children to read for enjoyment can be a daunting task. With all of the electronic gadgets out there just clamoring to get a childs attention it is imperative that we make reading a fun alternative to all of those other choices. Here are some ideas to help you do just that.

1. Get to know your local library – There are so many wonderful offerings, for all ages, at libraries across the country. Look into what’s available in your area and plan to attend the activities you believe would interest your child.

2. Let your child choose his/her own books – This can be tough sometimes but it’s important that you give your child some control. You don’t however need to let go of the reigns completely. To expand the reading horizons for your child you can negotiate a deal such as; for every two books your child picks that you get to pick one. Or perhaps, for every two fiction books your child picks, they must choose one non-fiction book to read.

3. Pick a theme – What is your child interested in right now? What do you think your child would be excited to learn more about? Pick a theme to focus on for one week and use this opportunity to not only choose books to read on that subject, but also to make crafts, draw pictures, make a collage or even cook up some recipes surrounding it. Example:Your child just lost a tooth so you choose several fun books on that subject. You could even expand on that theme by adding books about going to the dentist. For an activity, your child could cut out pictures of teeth, lips and mouths out of old magazines to make a collage. For a recipe: Cut an apple into 10 wedges. Have your child spread peanut butter one side of a wedge and then add some little marshmallows or raisins on that to act as the teeth. Finish off with another apple wedge on top and your finished product looks like a mouth!

4. Start your own private book club – Contact everyone you know about participating in your exclusive book club where the kids can get together and either agree on a book they will all read and then discuss it. Or, another option would be to just tell all of their friends about a favorite book he/she read recently. Encourage your child to pick a name for this club and even make signs for it.

5. Praise your child for reading – When you notice your child reading anything, even the back of a cereal box, be sure to praise them. If your child picks up a book and starts reading on their own, be sure to let him/her know how proud you are.

6. Bonus! Read to and with your child several times a week – Even if your child is a capable of reading on his/her own it is important to listen to your child read to help with proper pronunciation and to teach your child about adding emotion to his/her voice while reading.

Enjoy nurturing your child’s inner bookworm.

*Please see our comments on this post for more tips and please leave some tips of your own to pass along*


12 thoughts on “Five Ways To Get Your Child Excited About Reading

  1. These are all great ways to get your child to be excited about books. It is important to take advantage of your local library, but it is also important for every child to own their own books. Let them choose some, but also have some available at home that you would like them to browse and learn about. Children learn in bits and pieces. So, if you want them to learn about the body and senses, having those types of books around will help. When they are young, they can soak up a lot of knowledge. Have some at different levels. Some fun books to make him feel successful and some to challenge him.

  2. That is so true Sue. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. It is extremely important that books are available at home on different levels to allow for easy reading time and challenging reading as well.

    • Boys have shorter attention spans. They like books that grab their attention, such as hands-on interactive books, like flap books, puzzle books, stickers and something to do with their hands while you are reading to them. That is why “There is a Mouse About the House” and “A Squirrel’s Tale” are top sellers and loved by boys. What are their interests? Pick topics they like or want to find more about, such as sports. Do they like soccer? Chess? Animals? Do they like to build things? If there is a purpose or an end product, they will find that they need to read to find out how to make paper planes, for instance. Have them read everything they see, such as street signs, signs on doors and windows, cereal boxes, etc. What peaks their interest?

      • Thank you Sue, you always have great information to share. My children loved to read everything around us, even trucks that would pass us by!
        If you have your own blog I would love to read it.

  3. Great tips Mindi! I must say me and my daughter read at least 5 books a week a book a day and I have found it to be very beneficial to her and me …lol Thanks again for the wonderful tips!

  4. Some great tips here Mindi. Some boys are reluctant readers which is why I founded, where we bring the magic of books to life. Kids love playing on computers – now screen time can be educational time too. They are multi-media animated talking picture books! The illustrations come to life through animation, the story is read aloud whilst the words highlight so a child can follow along [modelling fluency], or independent readers can read to themselves and click on any unfamiliar word to hear it spoken. A comprehension quiz checks for understanding. Give kids another fun way to read and improve their literacy skills.

    • Hi Jeanette, you’ve added some great tips also. My 7yo daughter stayed home from school sick yesterday and enjoyed some of the books from your site. I love how you quiz the kids at the end. Well done! She enjoyed it immensely and I did too. :~>

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