Bookworm Basics – Letter Of The Day

If you are trying to teach your young child the letters of the alphabet or letter sounds, then this one is for you! Pick a letter to focus on all day long and find that letter wherever you go throughout the day.

For added recognition, an adult can write the letter of the day on the childs hand so that the letter is facing him/her. If you don’t want to write on your childs hand directly than you could purchase blank stickers and stick it to the childs hand after writing the letter on it. Either way you go keep trying to find that letter all day long.

In the morning repeatedly bring attention to the letter name as well as its sound and give examples of words with that sound. In the afternoon ask your child questions such as:

What is our letter today?
What sound does the letter make?
What word begins with that letter?

Possible lessons for the more advanced child:

What words end with that sound?
What words have that sound in the body of the word?

No matter what level your child is, this in a great way to introduce or reinforce letter recognition/phonics to your child in an enjoyable way.

Please share with us what works well for your child.


5 thoughts on “Bookworm Basics – Letter Of The Day

  1. Great idea however there are four many styles of learning and than combinations of the four styles. What is also helpful is to (add with what you are already doing) make the letters out of play dough and finger paint letters with the child this way they use all they styles of learning
    great idea!!!!!!

    • That is a great point. There are lots of learning styles, and it is important to try new things often with your child to see what works well for her/him.
      Thanks for your tips also. This community is richer because you and others like you take the time to comment. Thank you!

  2. Mindi,

    As you know, I have not taught preschoolers, but this sounds like great advice. While I was reading it, I thought about letting the child pick the letter of the day from a deck of alphabet cards. This might make it even more fun for the child. It would also help you keep track of what letters were already picked–you would simply remove that card from the deck.

    In addition, you could use a digital camera to take pictures of either the actual letters you find, or the objects you find that begin with that letter. Then, these photos could be turned into a printable book, poster, etc. Alternatively, you could just place them all in a photo album labeled “The Letter Aa” and it could be reviewed (or added to) on a regular basis.

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