What’s Your Favorite?

Think back to when you were a kid. (When I was a kid I had to heat up my Chef Boyardee on the stove top and when I needed to call someone I had to stand in one place.) Well, more specifically think about what your favorite book was as a young child.

My favorite book as a kid was Old Hat New Hat by Stan & Jan Barenstain. My brother and I used to read that book over and over again. We read it so many times and knew it so well that we used to have contests to see who could read it the fastest. Those challenges were really hilarious! You would be amazed at how fast we could breeze through that book. When I think back to that time it always brings a smile to my face.

So, do you remember what your favorite book was? Good! Now go on and find that book so you can experience it with your child.

But wait, there’s more! As a way to preserve this precious time you could video record yourself and/or your child reading this book aloud. That would be something I’m sure both you and your child would treasure.

Also, consider audio recording this event so that your child could play it back whenever he/she likes. If you have a camera handy, snap a picture of your trip down memory lane as well.

I hope that now you are inspired to resurrect your old favorites. You also might find that this introduces your child to a new favorite as well.

*Please check out our comments to this post. Be sure comment also and  let us know what your favorite book was as a child.*


14 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite?

  1. Thank you for this blog post. A truly great book can become a memorable part of our childhood. From teaching important life lessons to entertainment – these books continue to inspire us for years to come. We hope that future generations will continue to make books a part of their daily lives as they open the doors to our children’s imagination.

    • Well said! You inspired my post with just a simple tweet, so thank you.

      I hope that one day soon you & Courtney hear a child say that Uh-Oh Cat! is their favorite book.

      Let us know also about a favorite kids book of yours.

  2. hiya,

    Mine was Charlie and the chocalate factory-I went to an English school in Vanuatu and our teacher read us a chapter every day-I was fascinated-I still remember how we were sitting as if I was there now-I remember it well because my parents never read me a book, in fact I don’t remember any books at home!When I was older back in France I looked for that book everywhere,it was a mystery-it took me to arrive in England to discover that it’s one of the most famous books for kids!-It was like finding an old friend-I am today a bookworm -Reading is my passion and I think this passes on to my children, they love books-
    Your question has resurrected a memory and yes I’ll be reading Charlie and the Chocolate factory to my youngest.1 chapter a day.Best,Geraldine.

    • Wow Geraldine, what a special memory. It must have been tough for you to not have any books at home, especially since you were a bookworm at heart. School must have been a great escape for you.

      I’m so glad that I could inspire you to share your favorite childhood book with your little one.

        • Thank you Geraldine, How cool of you to post this on your fan page!

          I really love your bookcases and how the covers of the books are showcased. There should be a research project done to see how many books a child will pick choosing books from a traditional bookcase and one that showcases the books like yours. I would bet that yours would come out on top.

          P.S. Your puzzle barns are really cool too.

  3. I don’t remember what my favourite was, but I grew up mostly on the standard fare fairy tales. I do recall having a love for the Berenstain Bears series, and I share those with my boys. 🙂

    Stopping by from SITS. Have a great day!

    • Blueberries for Sal, I remember that book. I liked it too.

      I think your site is really cool also. Its so convenient to have books on your phone so you can engage your child wherever you are.

  4. As a child I LOVED the Velveteen Rabbit… and then as a young girl, I was a Laura Ingalls Wilder addict.

    Aren’t books the best?

    love your idea to read our favorite classics to our children. It’s been a real joy to watch my son (18 months) take delight in his books… He even “reads” to himself every morning in his crib. Doesn’t get much better than that!

    • I remember those books fondly as well. Oh, how sweet that you get to hear your little guy read in his crib every morning. I remember my oldest son loved books so much that he would throw all of his toys out of the crib and only keep the books in it. LOL! That brings back some wonderful memories.

  5. One of my favorites was Ferdinand, the story of the bull who just wanted to sit & smell the flowers. My son loves it too. Clearly the concept of a bullfight is completely lost on children. I was kind of horrified when I read it to him, but…. he loves it, just like I did.

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