Two Kisses And A Wish

Fostering a love of reading in your child is only one part of the big education equation.  A child must also learn to write well. Unfortunately, writing is frustrating for many children. It’s difficult for a child to put all of his/her thoughts down on paper and to have it all make sense. Many times that’s even difficult for an adult to do.

So, how can you help a child relax and take any critiques you have about his/her work as a loving suggestion and not an attack? My sons’ fourth grade teacher Mrs. W has found a way to constructively critique a child’s work with love and kindness. She calls this method, Kisses and Wishes.

In Mrs. W’s class, a child is called upon to read a story that he/she wrote. Once that child is finished reading, the class then offers two kisses and a wish as a form of a critique. The kisses are compliments or what the children liked about the story. The wishes are something that the children feel was missing from the story or something that could be added to it to make it better.

Kisses and Wishes offers a gentle and respectful way to communicate with a child about what was special about his/her story, and also what could be done to improve it. You could use this method in the classroom or at home with your own child/children.

Consider also, that this lesson could be applied to many other areas of our lives as well. Our world would definitely be a brighter place if we consistently nurtured our children with two kisses for every wish.

*A special thanks to Mrs. W for inspiring this post*


12 thoughts on “Two Kisses And A Wish

  1. I agree! My son was so excited when it was his turn to read to the class and hear his kisses and a wish. I am really impressed with how well it works and how my son was able to take constructive criticism without taking offense.

  2. I have two chicas, and each has her own view of reading, although we tried to foster the love of books in both. It’s not that the youngest hates to read…it’s just that she doesn’t make it a priority, which makes me sad. SITS sent me by, and I’m glad they did…

    SFO Jungle Kitty

  3. My kids are so sensitive to criticism (even when it is meant very constructively) about their writing. The two kisses and a wish is a nice way to soften it, but still give feedback. Thanks for the suggestion.

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