Let’s Play!

Riddle Search

I love activities where reading and movement come together. How about a game that involves following directions, counting, big & little movements and reading? Not enough? What if I told you that the reading involved is reading riddles? I’ll bet I’ve got your attention now! More importantly, I’ll bet you’ll have your child’s attention with this cool game.

Write Down Several Funny Riddles

First write several riddles on a piece of paper. Write the words large enough for your child to read them clearly. Use the kind of riddles that ask a question and have an answer. Those work best for this activity. Riddles for kids can easily be found by doing a google search, but for fun I’ve collected a few here as an example:

  • Why did the cake like to play baseball?   Because it was a good batter!
  • What do sea monsters eat?    Fish & Ships.
  • Why did the banana go to the doctors?   Because he was not peeling well.
  • What do moths study in school?  Mothematics!

Cut & Separate Riddle Questions & Answers

Next separate the riddle questions from the answers using scissors.

Place The Riddle Questions & Answers Around The House

Go around your house and place (or hide) each riddle question with the corresponding answer positioned somewhere close by it. The point is for the child to find each answer shortly after finding the related question.

Make A Riddle Guide

After you’ve got all of the riddles in place you’ll need to fill out a paper to give your child as a guide to finding all the riddles. List three or four riddles for your child to find. Your riddle guide will read something like this:

  • Hop 5 times to the couch. (Question is found there)
  • Now spin 2 times to other side of the couch. (Answer is found there)
  • Next take 25 baby steps to reach the kitchen table. (Question is found there)
  • Take 2 giant leaps to the kitchen chair. (Answer is found there)

Have Fun Finding All The Riddles

Each time your child finds a riddle question or answer be sure to have him/her read it out loud so you can enjoy it too.

If your child doesn’t read yet then you can either read out the directions to your child or just make them up off the top of your head.  This game would be really fun for toddlers.

*This activity can be altered for any kind of questions and answers that you think would interest your child. Try this out the next time your child has to study for a test!*

10 thoughts on “Let’s Play!

    • Thanks Noelle! You sure are quick since I just posted this and I haven’t even tweeted about it yet. You really made my day!

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  2. my 3 year old is in love with knock-knock jokes, and I can’t seem to recall a single one… luckily, he thinks my nonsensical ones are funny too. I’ll have to start collecting some and writing them down for us!

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