Make Writing Exciting!

Sometimes something simple can trigger a great idea. In this case it was a simple tweet.

By, Anna Ziska

Who Wrote: Parent/Teacher conf. went well. I will start my dd on a writing journal to work on her writing skills of all things. ;o)

Now that got me thinking about how to build up a child’s excitement and confidence where writing was concerned and the answer came to me clearly.

To help your child get excited about writing have him/her start a blog.

Your child can choose any subject to write about or just write about his/her everyday life. Everyone has a certain point of view and blogging is a great way to let your personality shine through.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with blogging let me tell you that it is really simple to get started.

1. Choose a free blog platform. (A site to start blogging on)

I highly recommend you use as it offers more features than the others and is extremely easy to use.

2. Have your child pick a name for his/her blog.

When you use a free  blogging platform such as wordpress your blog name will appear in the web address and the platform name will follow.

Ex. If you chose the name “Amazing Me” for a blog name then the web address would be

3. Sign up for the blog.

Simply go to the wordpress website, type in the chosen blog name and voila, your child is ready to get started!  There are many background templates to choose from so your child can choose what appeals to him/her.Even if your child has an e-mail address, consider using your e-mail when you sign up. This way you will be sure to know what is coming in and going out onto the site at all times. There is an option to add a second e-mail address so you could use your childs e-mail as a second one.

4. Safety First

I recommend wordpress for safety reasons also.

a) There is a built in spam filter.

This filter wont allow your child’s site to be spammed with annoying or innapropriate comments.

b) You can make your child’s blog site private.

This is as easy as going to “Settings” then press “Privacy” and you will have the option to allow only those you approve to view it.

5. Encourage your child to post on his/her blog several times a week.

Just let your child write, write, write about anything at all. For something different, try boosting your child’s creativity by suggesting he/she write a poem or a song. If your child finds a certain subject appealing but doesn’t know much about it,  suggest that he/she does some research on that subject for a future post. There is no need to critique every post your child writes. Just let your child get his/her thoughts out and get plenty of practice. If you would like to offer some helpful tips on his/her writing, be sure to use the Kisses & Wishes method described in an earlier post. Also, encourage your child to read other blogs to get ideas for future posts and see what he/she likes or dislikes about them.

6. Comments! Now, this is where it really gets good. What makes someone really excited about blogging is not necessarily the blogging itself. It’s all of the wonderful comments that people leave. Once your child has set up his/her site then you need to go into action to let all of your friends/family know about it. Ask them to go to your child’s site and leave compliments and thoughtful comments to what your child has posted. Also keep in mind that the comments left on the site can be left by putting in any name you choose. So “Aunt Martha” doesn’t have to say who she really is when she leaves a comment. She can just be an admirer of your child’s blog. (Remember, you didn’t hear that from me!)

So there you have it. Blogging is a fun way for your child to be appreciated for what he/she has to say in his/her own voice. Blogging also offers a great way to get your child to read more, research topics and gain a new appreciation for writing.

*A special thanks to Anna for letting me use her tweet and for inspiring this post.

*Feel free to leave a comment whether you use your own name or not. (;~>


15 thoughts on “Make Writing Exciting!

  1. what a neat idea…i have a pre-teen that i think would like something like this.

    also…i have got to check into the wordpress. i keep hearing about wordpress vs. blogger. i’m intrigued…but apprehensive because i don’t like change.

    thanks for the tips!

  2. One of my sons is going to be a guest writer on my blog – he’s a 5th grader and he’s excited about putting his Sci Fi thanksgiving story on my blog. I also interviewed him for a book review of his favorite book. He loved that! What a great idea about the blog – especially keeping it private – I’m going to think about that – that’s a neat idea!

  3. I enjoy reading your blog. You have great motivational tactics for kids. Your idea on kids blogging is much easier for them to maintain than a website or myspace. It would be more interesting for them to write about themselves or their day to day activities, and be able to keep them forever. ;o)

  4. That’s such a cool idea! I sort of wish my parents had introduced me to writing as a child. I’m glad I found out about it. It’s a lot of fun.

    Happy SITS Sharefest!

  5. I laud the valuable learning you offer in your post. I will bookmark your blog and have my kid check up here frequently. I am rather sure they will gain a huge of new stuff here than anybody else!

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