Thanksgiving – Giving Thanks

Can you believe it’s already Thanksgiving? It feels like once Halloween passes that the fast forward button of life is pressed and we go through the next two months at maximum speed. Rushing through the holidays doesn’t exactly give us the time to reconnect with family and friends we seldom see, now does it?

So, how about slowing down your festivities a bit so you can savor not only your dinner, but the special time you spend with your friends and family as well. This Thanksgiving, consider starting a new tradition by playing, Who Am I?

All you need to play this game is some 5” x 8” index cards, a pen to write with and some thoughts about what you are thankful for.  Place the index cards and pen in a convenient place where the guests have easy access to them.

Ask all of your friends/family to take an index card and write down several things he/she is thankful for. Tell them not to just write down all the typical thanks, but to give special consideration to all of the good experiences that have occurred in their lives this past year. Also, tell each person to sign his/her name to the bottom of his/her card.

For the young child who cannot write yet, just have an adult write down what the child dictates. You could also have crayons or markers out for children of all ages to draw a picture on the back of their index card for something extra special.

Next, choose a location for everyone to place their cards when they have finished filling them out. A basket or even a plate would work nicely. After all of the cards are turned in it’s time to have some fun with them!

Gather everyone around and give one person the important job of reading each card aloud without reading the authors name. The designated reader simply ends each card by asking, “Who Am I?” Everyone then has to guess who wrote the card by the “clues” that were read. It’s not always easy to pick out the author of each card with limited information to go on, but it sure is fun!

After your Thanksgiving festivities are over take your stack of thankful cards and punch a hole in the top left hand side. Pull a ribbon through the hole to make these cards into a booklet and place it somewhere in the house where it can be seen. And there you have it folks! Your very first decoration of the season!

To make this into a holiday tradition you can look back on and enjoy year after year, be sure to pack your booklet away with your other decorations of the season and get it out for the next Thanksgiving gathering. Then, all of your friends/family  can enjoy looking back at what they were thankful for last year as they fill out their new cards.

Wishing you all a safe, happy and memorable Thanksgiving holiday!


Mindi aka B.A. Bookworm


3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving – Giving Thanks

  1. What an awesome game to play! Too bad we don’t have our huge Thanksgiving dinner at my grandparents anymore, this would have been fun because of the size of the family (they had 8 children)!

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