The Birth Of Bookworm Basics

Being able to read is a wonderful thing, but seeking out books to read for enjoyment is where the real magic happens! I am a firm believer that a young child needs to be taught the alphabet and phonics early on so that he/she can start exploring with words and reading as a toddler. This will allow a few years of a more focused exploration with books before beginning kindergarten, and those few years are the ones that could make all the difference.

Since this is such an important topic and one that is so vast, I am starting specific posts devoted to ideas, tips and tricks to help you make teaching the alphabet, phonics and other basics an integral part of your life and the life of your child/children.

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4 thoughts on “The Birth Of Bookworm Basics

  1. Great post! Teaching your child the main fundamentals of reading is very important! I say make it a point to interact with your children when it comes to ….the joy of reading is Priceless!

    Thanks for supporting my on my blog :0)

  2. Great post! I grew up in a household where my parents didn’t allow video games, tv was limited, and reading encouraged. I sometimes would get annoyed, but now, I appreciate the love of reading my mom instilled in me, and intend to do the same for my children. 🙂

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