Little Things To Remember

Does your child know how to count by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s? What about by 3’s, 7’s and 8’s? Does your child know his/her address and phone number? What about your cell phone number?

These are all important facts for a child to know. Even a toddler/preschooler can be taught family and emergency phone numbers if you break it down into simple lessons you go over daily.

I know, I’ll bet your saying to yourself, “Well, how am I supposed to remember to go over this stuff every day?!” Right? Once again, the secret is to set yourself and your child up for success…. and this leads me to, your bathroom. I’ll bet I surprised you with that one!

Consider this, children are in the bathroom twice a day, every day to brush their teeth (at least they’re supposed to be). What usually happens during this time? Not much, it’s kind of boring really, just standing there brushing teeth. But, the point is that your child will pretty much be standing in one place to do it and there’s really nothing much to look at, so this opens up an opportunity to fit a mini lesson into your child’s day.

Break down what you would like your child to remember into small, specific lessons

Be sure to only focus on one little lesson at a time. If you would like your child to learn several phone numbers, just break it down to learning one phone number at a time.

Currently, my second grader is a having a bit of difficulty understanding multiplication. She knows how to count by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s and 10’s so multiplying by those numbers is easy for her to do. She doesn’t know how to count by 4’s or  7’s, and several others. So, to make it easy for her to memorize those, I’ve broken it down to teaching her one at a time.

Write It Down And Tape It Up

Write down what your child needs to memorize on a 3″x5″ or 5″x8″ size index card and simply tape it to the bottom of the bathroom mirror or  just above the bathroom sink near your child’s eye level. This way your child can read over the lesson every time he/she brushes his/her teeth. Remind your child to keep reading over this lesson daily and check on his/her progress periodically.

If you have a little lesson for a toddler to memorize then post it on the bathroom mirror to serve as your reminder to go over it with your child each time your child brushes his/her teeth.

Memorize And Move On

Once your child has one lesson completely memorized then you can move on to the next lesson. Do not move on until your child recalls what he/she has learned without a problem.

This Really Works!

You’ll have to try this one out and see for yourself. I’ll bet you never thought you’d  be teaching your child a lesson in the bathroom, (that didn’t involve using the potty) but here at B.A. Bookworm we are always full of surprises!

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