What do your kids really want?

Well, okay…. you’ve got me. Your kids want toys, lots & lots of toys! But, let’s dig a little deeper here…. and no, I don’t mean into your pockets. Let’s dig a little deeper and find out what your child really wants.

Aside from all of the toys and games, there are things that your child wants that wont come wrapped with a bow. Perhaps, your child wants to run faster or have more friends. Maybe, he/she would like to be better at sports. Whatever it is that your child wishes to change about himself/herself, it’s good for you as a parent to know and good for your child to acknowledge.

1. Talk about it

First talk with your child/children about how there are things that we wish for that are material things and then there are those things we wish for that are more personal. Those things we wish we could do better, or even learn how to do. Talk to your child about your own desires to improve at or learn certain things and give examples.

2. Write it out

Start by having your child/children write two little words on a piece of paper:

I wish……..

Then, just allow them time to keep thinking and writing. When your child is finished have him/her bring it to you. After you read it be sure to…

3. Hold on to this paper

We’re not done with it yet! Put this paper someplace where you wont forget it.

4. With a new year comes new years resolutions

Take this wish list back out for the new year and go over it with your child.

5. Make a plan of action

To help your child improve in the areas that he/she feels are important, develop a plan of action. Make a list of things your child/children can do that will bring them closer to their goals.

But wait, there’s more…

You don’t get off that easy! To get even more out of this experience I encourage you to do this for yourself, along with your children. This way you can all help each other by brainstorming ideas about how you can make your wishes become your realities. Also, by you participating in this activity with your child/children you are teaching them that even adults aspire to improve themselves. The learning curve never stops.

*I would like to thank all my my readers for your ongoing support and your wonderful comments!*


5 thoughts on “What do your kids really want?

  1. OMG…Gr888888888 post! Just the other day my daughter was talking about making a change in her life with her weight. She’s not a big girl she’s just Healthy lol. Upon speaking to her she stated that she really would love to work on this area in her life. It’s nice that our children get to experience toys and material things but looking into the inner soul is a deeper way to help your child fulfil their goals. No matter what the goal may be……behavior,weight,reading etc. I decided that we both will conquer this health journey together……Making it the best Mom and Daughter moment ever.

    Thx for this post Mindi……You rock!!!

  2. I have 4 children, the oldest is now 10 years. We have been talking about goal setting since Griffin was a small child. It took time, but now goal setting/monitoring is a part of his thinking. Be patient, and think deeply on what is written in this blog. It is a gem. It may be easy to understand some of the principles, but it requires our discipline as parents and, yes, an eye on our ultimate goal(s), but it will pay off. Thanks for the important message.

  3. this is a wonderful post! i had planned on turning off the computer right now and having this conversation…but i just found out that one of my teens snuck off to bed already. so…i’m making a note of it and tomorrow we are going to write down their goal. i think i may even get a cheap $3 frame from wally world and put the goal in the frame and give it to them for christmas! (what a great “gift”, huh?) this would be a good way for them to look at it and think about it every day! you have such good ideas!

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