Songs Of The Season

Reading your favorite holiday books to/with your children is a great way to nurture a love of reading within them. Now, how about adding a dash of something amazing to make reading during the holidays extra special?

Sing In The Holidays

Do you know what your child’s favorite holiday songs are? Everyone has their own personal favorites, including your children. So, if you don’t already know then this is the perfect time to find out!

Find The Lyrics

Take note of your child’s favorite holiday songs and look up the lyrics on your computer.

Make A Personalized Song Book

1) Print out several favorite songs, each one on a separate piece of paper, and compile them all together using one blank piece of paper in the front and also one in the back, to act as the book cover.

2) Punch three holes in the papers such as those located in a three ring binder.

3) Pull a decorative ribbon through the holes and tie each ribbon into a bow. Be sure to allow enough room for this book to open and close freely.

4) Now, there you have it! Your child’s own compilation of holiday favorites.

*Use large font so your child will be able to read the words easily.
*Print lyrics on card stock for added durability.

Dedicate and Decorate

Write a special inscription to your child inside of the front cover and be sure to include the date! Now when you give this special book to your child you can have him/her decorate the front and back covers with his/her own artistic flair.


Enjoy listening to the melody of your children’s voices singing their favorite holiday songs and remember that you played a big part in bringing those songs to life for your child.

*I encourage you to print out some of your own favorite holiday song lyrics as well and sing along with your child.*


2 thoughts on “Songs Of The Season

  1. this is great! just tonight my 3.5 year old was singing the jingle bells chorus over and over and over. maybe i’ll print out those lyrics and let her know that there actually ARE more words to that song!

  2. I love this post to the ground! Everyone in my family loves to sing, except me. Perhaps this can get me up and singing with the kids. Thanks!

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