Mirror Messages

When you have a million things to accomplish it seems that’s when the kids start acting up or are expecting you to entertain them. Many times it’s just not possible for you to drop everything you’re doing and play with them, especially around the holidays. So, here is a fun way to keep your kids occupied while you’re busy wrapping up some holiday cheer.

Read All About It?

Write your kids a message but with a twist, write this message  backwards!

How to do it

If you find it difficult to write backwards freehand then write this message in front of the mirror. If you can read it correctly in the mirror then that means you’ve done it perfectly.

Figure it out

The younger ones will especially have fun with this activity. It might take them a few minutes to figure out what the note says, but once they think they’ve got it all figured out have them check to make sure.

Mirror, mirror

Have your children hold this message up in front of the mirror to make sure they’ve read it correctly.

Do it again!

Once you start the ball rolling your kids will enjoy doing this activity  themselves. If you have one child, just write up a few mirror messages for him/her to decipher one note at a time.

My kids had a blast writing mirror messages to each other and deciphering them. Thankfully it’s an activity that kept them occupied for a long time.

*Thank you for your ongoing support of B.A. Bookworm. I hope you all have lots of fun and enjoy the holidays with your family!*


2 thoughts on “Mirror Messages

  1. That’s a really cute idea, sadly my son isn’t old enough for this (he’s only 2) but I’ll have to keep it in mind.

    On a random side note, I can read and write mirror writing as if it were regular writing. Perhaps it’s something to do with being left handed?

    Stopped by from SITS, hope you have a great Christmas!

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