Bookworm Basics – Every Day Activities

I know it can be difficult to teach your children when you’re always on the go, and when you have little ones around you are always on the go! What you need are teaching practices that you can do any time and anywhere. Here are some ways to integrate little lessons into your daily activities:

Always count the stairs

Any and every time you go up or down the stairs be sure to count each step out loud. You will be amazed at how quickly your child will catch on.

Food for thought

When you give your child little things to snack on, either:

a) Tell your child its color.
b) Count each piece as you give it to your child.
c) Tell your child its shape. (Ex. Cheerios are circles, saltines are square)

How many, what color

Are you going for a drive today? Count out loud with your child how many trucks pass you by or count how many red or blue or yellow cars you see.

Going for a walk? Count how many squirrels you see, or people, or anything at all that you will come across occasionally.

Point out letters, numbers and/or shapes when you are out with your child. For letter recognition, start by pointing out capital letters on stores or on trucks that pass you by. Search for letters that stand out so your child will know exactly what letter you are referring to.

What’s that?

Name objects to your child throughout your day. Point out the birds, trees, dogs and cars. Anything and everything you come in contact with. By repeatedly pointing things out and saying their name you could help your child improve his/her vocabulary immensely.

Talk to me

Talk to your toddler, a lot! – Talk out loud to your baby/toddler, whether you think your child can understand you or not. This will not only soothe your child by hearing the sound of your voice, but it could also help him/her talk more by attempting to mimic you.

Read everything aloud to your child

Reading children’s books to your little one is a great way to bond with your child, but keep in mind also that moms/dads need to read too. Whatever you are reading, whether it be a magazine or newspaper article or the back of a cereal box, read it out loud to your child. Read anything aloud that you are reading as long as it is appropriate for little ears.

Parent/Teacher – Its all the same

Remember that as a parent, you are your child’s first teacher. Seize the opportunities around you to make every day a learning experience for your child.

*Bookworm Basics is a series of ongoing posts geared toward raising your toddler/preschooler up bookworm style. Incase you’ve missed any of the previous posts they are listed below for your convenience:

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5 thoughts on “Bookworm Basics – Every Day Activities

  1. I agree with this, repetition, as well as, making learning as natural as possible is the way to go. There are positives in everything, even when a child is misbehaving, like counting the steps they are sitting on, or the time they are to stay on them!

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