Focus On The Family

What have you done lately to reconnect with your kids? Although we want our children to have the best of everything, sometimes this is a goal that consumes us and we can lose focus. This week I encourage you to do things a little different. Turn off the T.V. and keep it off. Try something new with your kids or maybe do something you haven’t done in a while. Read more


6 thoughts on “Focus On The Family

  1. We enjoy hide and seek here. And in the winter, when it is darker sooner, like to play it with the lights off and a torch. It means there are many more places to hide, even in a small place.

  2. Love this post.It’s really important and a lot of fun to do things with your kids when they’re still young. I love the days when my daughter stays home. Besides reading( of course!), we enjoy coloring together, playing silly pretend games, practicing her piano lessons, taking walks, doing little chores together, doing puzzles…sometimes we just hide little things and play a different version of hide and seek where we have to find the objects instead of each other. Sometimes, we pretend to cook or I give her a shopping list and she goes shopping for me….we just have a great time and I love these days. The fact that I’m a freelancer, set my own schedule and work on the days when she’s at daycare or when she’s asleep helps.

  3. Nice post and nice suggestions. We enjoy playing music together as a family. All three of my kids play a string instrument, so we can get a little orchestra going. My youngest son also loves to set up a cafe for the rest of us: he makes tea and sets out fruit and cookies and serves us by the fire. We’re big fans of card and board games, too!

  4. You have some wonderful suggestions there. One I love is playing charades or some other drama-type activity as a family. Kids love to act out a story, or scene from a story. With little ones, a simple game of guess the mime is fun. It can make for hilarious activity, and is a wonderful way for families to connect.

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