Mrs. P ~ A Rave Review

Imagine a place with an endless supply of children’s books. Not just any books, but classic stories such as those we as adults had treasured in childhood. Now, add to that some magic and a loving character that mimics the coolest grandmother you’d ever hope to meet, and you’ve got Mrs.P’s.

Mrs. P’s is an interactive website that is smart, warm and light hearted. Oh, and did I mention that the site is free? It is! F.R.E.E. Mrs. P’s is a place where you’ll find all kinds of little surprises at every click. I have really been impressed with this site and even better, so has my daughter. It brings me so much joy to watch my little girls’ face light up while she shows me all of the virtual goodies offered there. Read more…


11 thoughts on “Mrs. P ~ A Rave Review

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more! What an amazing resource for students and teachers that fosters a lifelong love of reading.

  2. Great review post on Mrs. P.! My daughter and I just love her…really love her to death….lol Shoot Mrs. P can come visit my home anytime!

    Great job & it’s true you will definitely get hooked on her site! LOL

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