Making The Grade

What do you expect from your children when they get their report cards? To always make the grade? What is the grade that you feel your child is capable of making?

When I was a kid my parents were happy as long as I kept at least a C average…. and somehow I think that spoke to me. It made me think that being an average student was a fine place to be. Maybe it is a fine place to be, if you can say that you worked really hard, and studied for hours, and that was the very best you could do. But, for the most part, I couldn’t say that. Read more…


3 thoughts on “Making The Grade

  1. Great point. And if we expect our children to give their very best, and to strive for “better than average,” then we must model that behavior for them. I hear too many parents telling kids to do it, yet putting themselves down or taking the easy way out of things. Model who you want your kids to emulate. Actions speak louder than words…

    • “Model who you want your kids to emulate.”

      That really says a lot doesn’t it. I think that’s a very important point.

      Thank you for leaving such a thoughtful comment.

  2. I do think there is a balance though, and often a reason for a child not trying their best. Fear of failure is not commonly picked up, nor is hatred for education. Children should be given the confidence to succeed, but not a cattle prod in my opinion.

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