Spelling Lists That Entertain The Brain

Do you remember when you were a kid and had to remember an entire list of spelling words? I do… and I found it very tedious and really boring. Now, when my own children bring home their spelling lists and work hard to remember all of those words, I try to make it into something a little more interesting.

Keep in mind that every aspect of these spelling words is important.
Don’t just focus on how to spell these words correctly, but also make sure that your child knows each definition and how to use every word properly in a sentence. Read more…

3 thoughts on “Spelling Lists That Entertain The Brain

  1. That’s great!!! My kids need English spelling lists…thanks for the reminder to search for some.

    My youngest and I played a game today where we wrote words, cut them out, turned them over, mixed them up and tried to make sentences. After a few rounds she wanted to revert to a game of “memory” it was fun finding ‘word pairs’ (my name & hers was one and so was ‘dancing’ and ‘disco’)

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