Stress Free Kids

Stress Free Kids offers children’s books like I’ve never seen before. Their books are not only exciting for children to hear read to them, but something extra special has been added to these books as well. They have been infused with interactive stress relieving techniques, strategically woven into the text!  As you read, your child will be prompted to do the relaxation techniques, along with the character of the book. By doing this, it teaches your child how to handle their stressful emotions in a positive way. This makes reading these books a totally relaxing experience for both you and your child.

Lori Lite is the owner of Stress Free Kids, and also the mastermind behind it. She is a very talented lady! Lori has written several children’s books to help a child cope with a variety of feelings. For instance, Sea Otter Cove helps a child to relax at bedtime for a peaceful nights sleep, and Angry Octopus helps children deal with their feelings of anger and frustration. She has even written a beautiful book called Affirmation Weaver which is designed to help a child boost self esteem while decreasing their feelings of stress and anxiety. Stress free kids does not just offer books, but also CD’s. Their site also has some wonderful information on helping your child manage their emotions.

Right now Stress Free Kids is offering a free download of a stress relieving bubble blowing technique that is going to blow you away! I downloaded it yesterday and used it for myself… ummm, for my kids. No really, I used it for myself. I did it when my kids were still at school. I listened to it from beginning to end… and let me tell you, it really does relax you! I will definitely be using this technique with my children to help them relax and let go of their frustrations. You can download this technique yourself, right here. Remember that this is a free download. You pay nothing, zilch, nada! This is a gift straight from the heart of Stress Free Kids. While you’re there visiting the site, you should also sign up for their newsletter. It will not only keep you up to date on any exciting news and upcoming new products, but it will also be filled with creative tips and innovative techniques to help your child relax and take joy in who they are.

I take great pride in showcasing amazing books, websites and products for you to enjoy with your own children. Thank you for being part of the B.A. Bookworm community, and enjoy nurturing your child’s inner bookworm as well as their emotional well-being.

*I have received no compensation for this review. I simply believe in the company and their products.


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