Reading Or Memorizing?

Children love to experience the same, enjoyable activities over and over again. It brings comfort to a child to watch something unfold, exactly as it has for them in the past. It sends a message. It says, there are things in life that you can rely on to be consistent. Children tend to be drawn to that uniform world, and we as adults support that objective by repeating the same pleasurable encounters for them.

Do it again

If you have small children around then I’ll bet that you hear that, a lot! We get the joy of playing the same games with our kids, singing the same familiar songs, and of course, we read the same books to our children time after time. Now, consistency has its place, however being consistent does not nurture a child’s curiosity or stimulate their problem solving abilities. So, its up to us as the adults, to ask questions that will help our children be innovative thinkers. Read more…


5 thoughts on “Reading Or Memorizing?

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  2. I think that last point is key, make it all an enjoyable process, a fun one. I believe that is possible with any book, even the phone book.

    Again, some very good tips here, thanks for sharing, and if you don’t mind, we’ll be sharing your stuff further.

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