Stress Free Kids

Stress is a part of life, every life. You can’t avoid it. Sometimes stress can be a good thing…. when it gives us positive results. But, too much stress is not good for anyone. Children can and will stress about many things such as taking a test, getting good grades, or even whether or not they will be picked to be part of a team. For our younger children, stress can by caused by simple, every day frustrations. Unfortunately, many children don’t know of a constructive way to release their anxieties, and that could lead to a troubled child, which in turn could lead to some troubled parents.

Thankfully, there are things we can do to help our children relax and think clearly. The same relaxation techniques that are used for adults can also be used for children. I’ve recently been introduced to a wonderful place called, Stress Free Kids. I’ve been impressed not only by their mission, but with all of their innovative products as well. Read more…


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